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»Certified in Orthopedic and Medical Massage by OMERI«

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Deep Tissue Massage, Relaxation Massage, Fascial Freedom Technique, Neuromuscular Trigger Point Massage, Acupressure for Relaxation and Pain Relief

90 Rejuvenating Minutes - $120
Frequent-Flier: $100    90 Blissful Minutes of bodywork modality of your choice. Perfect for full body massage AND concentrated spot work for pain relief and to target specific areas. For Massage, you may choose from several healing modalities: Relaxing Swedish Massage, Soothing Deep Tissue Therapy, Fascial Freedom, and Therapeutic Medical Massage.

Acupressure is one of the most relaxing, restful modes of bodywork that I am trained in. For a memorable, deeply-relaxing blissful hour, choose this session.
60 Restorative Minutes - $90
Frequent-Flier: $75   The most-requested bodywork session. A wonderful hour of the therapeutic modality of your choice.

Simply ask for a relaxing, full-body swedish massage with all the therapeutic benefits. Ahhh.

Choose from several healing modalities: Relaxing Swedish Massage, Soothing Deep Tissue Therapy, Fascial Freedom, Acupressure, and Therapeutic Medical Massage.
New Client Special! 60 Minutes Essential Five Massage Techniques $25 OFF REGULAR PRICE of $90
60 Minutes of my unique blend of Essential Five Massage Therapy Techniques!
60 Reviving Minutes of Massage When Living with Cancer - $75
Frequent-Flier: $65    VERY gentle, compassionate, deeply relaxing, highly-trained touch. Perfect if you are in cancer treatment or have ever been treated for cancer and need to exercise caution when selecting and receiving bodywork.

I have special training to work with the permanent physiological changes to your body that are created during the cancer treatment process. My touch is gentle and compassionate, and safe.

Systemic Constellations for Families, Organizations, and Natural Systems

Family Constellation Individual Session - $175
2 hours . Family and systemic Constellations uncover the hidden dynamics of your family, relationship or business in an experiential way so that existing energy can be observed and changed where necessary and undue stress released or reduced in the system. This is a gentle and sensitive method of allowing family or relationship energy to reveal itself through representatives, so that a resolution can unfold. This involves allowing each member of the system to find their rightful place in the group which involves a healthy and respectful connection to each other, hence allowing the natural flow of love in the system.

Constellations are most effective for issues that appear to be systemic in nature. If you have already tried therapy but still have your issue it could be that it is systemic, a pattern or entanglement coming from your family of origin; therapies that do not take a systemic approach may be missing the bigger picture. Counseling and Psychotherapy have value in helping sort out problems and in helping us find meaning and purpose in life and resolving personal issues. However, for those of you who have already been down the counseling path, who still have unresolved issues, or for those of you that don’t want to expose your most intimate feelings and thoughts in therapy, then perhaps you should consider Family Constellations workshops or private sessions.

Family Constellation is an individual or a group of souls agreeing for their mind and body to be present in a sacred circle, the purpose of which is to tap into the collective, archaic and ancestral wisdom of the family soul and energy of humanity to discover the hidden dynamics which contribute to a problem in the family. The experience and the new perspective offers you a space to find peace and healing in the context of you in your family soul and the greater soul of humanity. This is a profound therapeutic, healing modality that may be an alternative to counseling or a complement to the therapeutic process. A private session can occur with you and the facilitator.

Benefits of Family Constellation
This is an exciting and effective new therapy that is an adjunct or alternative to traditional counseling, that is very established and popular in Europe and spreading around the world. It is very powerful and effective at illuminating a situation and providing a workable systemic solution.

Most people resolve their issue in a relatively short time using Family Constellations or a combination of therapy and constellation work. It is a relatively, quick, easy and cost effective method. You don’t need the other person(s) in your issue to be present - you may choose either a private one-to-one, or a group session. For many this is a profound life changing experience.

Relationships are perhaps the most important aspect of your life in terms of providing you with warmth and contentment and peace of mind. Your relationships in business, in your personal life and in your family, affect all aspects of your life, including the way you relate to problems.

Notable Aspects of Family Constellations
* Most people resolve their issue in just one or a few sessions. It is quick and very cost effective
* You don’t need the other person(s) in your issue to be present
* We don’t need to know what happened in your issue – just some bare facts
* The resolution often appears to ripple out and effects the other people in your issue, even though they didn’t attend
* It is a gentle, sensitive, effective process
* It is an alternative method to traditional counseling, although it can be used in combination with counseling
* This is often referred to as “Movements of the Soul”
* It is the ultimate in personal development in promoting connection and more contentment.
Organizational Constellation - $200 (call for appointment)
Constellations reveal hidden dynamics in a system, whether that system is an organization or a family. These conflicts can be in key areas such as leadership, conflict resolution, relationships between departments, and relationships with clients. The constellation allows us to examine these dynamics by seeing and hearing them directly via representation.

After describing an organizational dilemma including what needs to be different, we identify the key elements of that dilemma. You then choose people or objects to represent those elements: colleagues, customers, suppliers, owners, workers, governments, The Stock Exchange, other stakeholders, nations or ethnic groups, even more conceptual elements like resources, limitations, goals or the future.

These elements are intuitively placed in relation to each other. Representatives (or you, standing on the objects) are able to feel deeply and report accurately the experience of that which they are representing. This reveals hidden dynamics that are worked with creatively to explore new and deep perspectives that go below conventional awareness to reveal profound resolutions.

“A constellation shifts people's perception of where problems come from and suggests ways to move forward differently that strengthen and build. The new perspectives allow issue-holders fresh insights, a renewed sense of possibility and a strong focus on action. In addition, a synchronous shift sometimes takes place in the real organization or community that has been represented. “ (Judith Hemming)

Heart-Centered Shamanic Healing To Awaken and Tend Your Luminous Self

Energy Clearing and Rebalancing - $75
This quick energy cleanse removes surface energy grime and helps you feel refreshed, clear, focused, and grounded so that *your* natural energies can shine through. Not suitable for large, embedded ancestral patterns or for spirit clearing. For more complex energy clearing needs, please schedule a 30-Minute consult so that we can determine what will work best for you.

Taking care of our Energy Bodies and our energetic spaces is just as important as taking care of our physical bodies. Schedule your energy clearing and rebalancing today!
Massage with Energy Clearing - $150
Frequent-Flier: $130    In this healing ceremony, I give massage therapy for your body and energy clearing and extraction for your spirit. I pay acute attention to any energetic blockages which might be present, bringing all of my skill to the massage table to give you the best physical massage possible while also clearing and moving energies that can be moved and cleared at this time.

This session does not include Spirit clearing.
Energy Clearing for Offices, Homes, Businesses and Projects
Price for a clearing begins at $225, depending on the space and size of home/land to be cleared, and its energetic condition; there are many factors which determine the price of any given clearing. I recommend a walk-through before quoting you a final working price if I do not know the property or conditions.

One of the best long-term strategies for a calm and serene daily life is the clearing and managing of the unfavorable energies in homes, offices, and buildings, and bringing in positive energies for a more harmonious atmosphere. For energetically sensitive people, this can translate into a great positive change in the quality of your daily living.

Creating vibrant energy fields in spaces can influence the way that people act, respond, and live. Clean and sparkling energies in a space support an atmosphere of balance, harmony, happiness, and joy for all who pass through or work in that space, and can promote restful sleep, too. Just like dust and grime, dense and stagnant energies can accumulate through regular daily use, which leads to feelings of lethargy and stuckness. Cleaning and maintenance of the energy fields we live and work in can be very helpful for this!

I work with Realtors to help sell houses, with Homeowners who want to create change in their lives, and with Business Owners to attract more customers. I regularly clear and enliven the energies of my healing spaces and the energies in my home, and would like to do this for you, your business or home.

If you would like a Space Clearing and Blessing for home or office, please contact me to arrange a time and a price - my fee depends on size of the space involved if larger than a single-family dwelling or modest sized office. Driving fees may apply if the space to be cleared is more than 15 minutes away from downtown Huntsville.
Directions 900 Wellman Ave NE, Suite 5, Huntsville, AL 35801
Hours: 11am-7pm - Other hours available by arrangment ~ 256-337-1699